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Saturday, August 4, 2012

[45] Guild Wars 2 Build - Mesmer: Staff and Greatsword |PVE

By: teaandbickies (Updated 8/4/2012)

First of a couple builds from teaandbickies :)
.: Mesmer Build :.
Main Weapon: Staff
Alt. Weapon: Greatsword
.: Utility Skills :.
Ether Feast
  • Heal yourself.  Gain additional health for each active illusion.
Signet of Inspiration
  • Passive: Grants a random boon every ten seconds.
  • Active: Copy all of your boons to nearby allies.
Signet of Domination
  • Passive: Improved Condition Damage.
  • Active: Stun your foe.
Null Field
  • Create a field of energy that removes all boons from enemies, and removes all conditions from allies.
Mass Invisibility
  • You and all allies gain stealth for a short time.
.: Traits :.
Domination – 20 points
Attribute Bonuses:  +200 Power, +20% Condition Duration
Minor Trait: Illusion of Vulnerability
  • Inflict 5 seconds of vulnerability when you interrupt a foe.
Major Trait: Mental Torment (I)
  • Mind Wrack causes 20% more damage.
Minor Trait: Dazzling
  • Inflicting daze causes 3 seconds of vulnerability.
Major Trait: Halting Strike (II)
  • Deal damage when interrupting an enemy.
Dueling – 15 points
Attribute Bonuses:  +150 Precision, +15 Critical Damage
Minor Trait: Critical Infusion
  • Gain 1 second of vigor on critical hits.
Major Trait: Desperate Decoy (V)
  • Cloak and leave a clone of yourself behind at 25% health.
Minor Trait: Deceptive Evasion
  • Create a clone at your current position when you dodge.
Chaos – 5 points
Attribute Bonuses: +50 Toughness, +5% Boon Duration
Minor Trait: Metaphysical Rejuvenation
  • Gain 10 seconds of regeneration when your health reaches 75% (30-second cooldown).
Inspiration – 0 points
Illusions – 30 points
Attribute Bonuses:  +300 Condition Damage, +30% Guile (Shatter Skills Recharge)
Minor Trait: Illusionist’s Celerity
  • 10% faster cooldown on all illusion-summoning skills.
Major Trait: Master of Misdirection (V)
  • Confusion you inflict lasts 33% longer.
Minor Trait: Illusionary Retribution
  • All shatter skills inflict confusion.
Major Trait: Illusionary Invigoration (VI)
  • Recharge all of your shatter skills at 50% health (90-second cooldown).
Minor Trait: Shattered Strength
  • Shattering illusions gives you might.
Major Trait: Illusionary Persona (XI)
  • Shattering illusions creates the shatter effect on you as well.
.: Commentary :.
Conditions and illusions, that’s what basically this build entails.  I wanted to maximize illusion-summoning potential, the damage and effects shatter skills have on foes, and the duration and damage associated with conditions.  I also wanted to make sure that my foes would be confused all the time with trying to figure out which ‘me’ is an illusion/phantasm and which is real.  Thus, the Illusionary Persona trait would prove very useful as it would show a shattered effect around my character as well as my illusions—not to mention that it’ll look really cool too!
Other than that, this build seems pretty straightforward, focusing on adding/prolonging conditions, making shatter skills stronger, and confusing foes with multiple illusions and adding a shatter effect on myself.  Also, my utility skills are based on support and survivability, as well as weakening foes by removing all boons from them with Null Field.  In terms of weapons, I primarily use my staff for this build, though I also have a greatsword equipped in case I need some extra attack power (not to mention that I just love the mesmer skills I get from it~).

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  1. What gear do u use in this build? Stats, sigils, etc